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Properties - Saffron Mancha Spain

The use of saffron as a remedy against numerous harms and illnesses dates back to the period of Classic Antiquity.

For many centuries saffron was considered as the elixir of life because of its characteristics and chemical composition.

The benefits of Saffron properties for the health of a human being are endless and demonstrable.


We can emphasize its tonic character (appetite stimulant), it helps digestion, fights against coughs and bronchitis, helps menstruation, fortifies the heart and eliminates liver obstructions.

Other uses attributed to saffron are as follows:

Confectionery and distillery.
Textile industry as colouring agent.

Saffron Spain La Mancha Saffron Spain La Mancha Saffron Spain La Mancha Saffron Spain La Mancha


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