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Azafran de La Mancha - Saffron Spain La Mancha

Saffron from La Mancha

Qualified by experts as the best saffron in the world, it is solely produced, manufactured and packed in la Mancha region in the following townships: Albacete, Toledo, Cuenca y Ciudad Real.

Nowadays its production is regulated and protected by the Origin Denomination “Saffron from la Mancha”of which ANTONIO SOTOS, S.L. is founder member

Saffron    Saffron La Mancha 

 The Regulating Council for the Origin Denomination “Saffron from la Mancha” ensures that the strict norms concerning quality control are fulfilled. These standards guarantee that the saffron corresponds to the latest harvest being offered to the consumer in thread form, never ground in order to avoid any kind of fraud. Maximun net weight allowed per package is 100 g.

Mancha saffron organoleptic characteristics offer a product with a flexible and resistant appearance, with bright red coloured stigmas, a strong aroma and a dry and lasting taste.

Analytical characteristics establish a minimun colouring power of 200 units.

Packed Mancha saffron which fulfils the aforementioned specifications must be identified with the Origin Denomination “Saffron from la Mancha” label with a different registration number on each package.



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