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The name of saffron comes from the Persian "safra" meaning yellow.

There is no doubt saffron is the oldest and most used spice by the Human Being.

The cultivation of this plant is closely related to the most cultured and refined civilizations in the Oriental World. Therefore, saffron discovery in Occidental countries, is connected to the progressive displacements of people, from East to West, which made up the different cultures in the Mediterranean Basin.

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To be exact, saffron was introduced in Spain during the Arabic domination. Arabic cooking was very rich in herbaceous flavourings and saffron was the most important, used as colouring and seasoning in most of their recipes.

Saffron has been used throughout History because of its medicinal properties as well as its colouring power and nice aroma.

In the Ancient Egypt saffron was used as an aromatic essence and excellent dye. In Classical Greece, as an excellent perfume and in compositions for medicinal prescriptions.

Romans used saffron as an infusion and even as an aphrodisiac.



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