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Curiosities - Square Measures - Saffron Mancha Spain
Even nowadays, some people still use
the traditional Spanish weights
and square measurements
instead of the metric system.
Here are some examples.

Square Measures

. 1 CELEMIN = 555 m2
. 1 ALMUD = 3.333,33 m2
. 1 FANEGA = 6.666,66 m2
. 1 HECTARE = 10.000 m2 = 18 CELEMINES


. 1 POUND = 460 grs.
. 1 OUNCE = 28,75 grs.



1 Pound from la Mancha Region (460 g.) is not the same as 1 Pound in the Aragón Region (355 g.)

In the Aragón Region there are two different kinds of Pounds, Long Pound (367 gr.) and Short Pound (355 g)

1 Spanish Ounce (28.75 g.) is not the same as 1 American Ounce (28.35 g.)

From 80 pounds of saffron flowers, you get 80 ounces of natural saffron, and once toasted turns into 16 Ounces of saffron ready to consume.



Since 1963 every October, during harvest time, the Festival of the Rose of the Saffron is celebrated in Consuegra (Toledo). This Festival has been given the status of national tourist interest.

More than 250.000 flowers are needed to obtain 1 kilogram of saffron.

Cultivation surfaces are generally small family plantations. No more than two people are needed for picking at harvest time.

“La monda” of saffron (process where the stigmas are removed from the rest of the flower) is carried out in private houses where all the members of the family and their neighbours get together and spend the whole day telling old stories and anecdotes. Generally, this process is carried out by women who have more dexterity in their hands and fingers than men.

Not so long ago, every single family used to have a small surface planted of saffron. The profits obtained were spent on outstanding expenses such as weddings or even buying a flat.

In countries in the Persian Gulf, people usually offer their guests a cup of tea with saffron and cardamom as a gesture of welcome.

Women in India, receive a touch of saffron on their brow before going into the temples.

In Sweden, on Saint Lucy’s day (December the 13th), children offer their families and friends a cake called “Saffron Cake”, made from raisins and saffron.



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