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ANTONIO SOTOS, S.L. Saffron Mancha Spain


Antonio Sotos, S.L.
Ricardo Castro, 4 - 02100 Albacete - España
Telf. 34 967 217 030 - Fax 34 967 241 102 -

Departamento Exportación
Telf. 34 967 241 491  Fax: 967 218 710


Located in La Mancha region, ANTONIO SOTOS, S.L. is the third generation in a family business with over 90 years experience dealing with saffron.

Established in 1912, it soon focused its business overseas, being one of the pioneer companies in the foreign trade of saffron.

Nowadays, thanks to our experience and the efforts we have made, we can proudly say our products are distributed in more than 20 different countries, in 3 different continents such us Europe, Asia and America.

Our brands ANTONIO SOTOS and SAFFROMAN are recognized all around the world as a sign of quality and reliability.


Manufacture and supervision of our products is done under the strictest rules of quality and control, having obtained the International quality Certification in ISO 9001:2000 for handling, packing and commercialization of saffron.

Certificado de CalidadCertificado de Calidad

Certificado de Calidad

Aprobado por Lloyd's Register Assurance
Norma: UNE EN ISO 9001:2000
Aplicable a:
Manipulación, Envasado y Comercialización de azafrán en hebra y molido

Our main challenge and objective is to obtain top quality in our products and total customer satisfaction.

In order to fulfil this aim ANTONIO SOTOS, S.L. has developed a policy of quality control and supervision of each and every process carried out, from the saffron entering our warehouse, to the product finally reaching the consumer.
Manufacture and supervision of our products is done under the strictest rules of quality control, having obtained the International quality Certification in ISO 9001:2000 for handling, packaging and commercialization of saffron.
Every process complies with the manual and regulation HACCP being permanently advised, assessed and audited by specialized companies in agroalimentary quality, and regulary reviewed by the Ministry of Health.


ANTONIO SOTOS, S.L. guarantees accountability concerning the origin and composition of its products. To guarantee that all our products entirely comply with European and International standards, as well as with the level and quality required by our customers, the saffron is analyzed by a specialised Official Laboratory approved by the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Fraud.
If the results of the analysis do not fulfill our expectations or our customers requirements, the batch will be immediately returned to its source.


It is as important for our company to know the accurate origine of the raw material, as for our customer to know the history of the saffron he is buying.
Traceability allows us to know at every moment and quickly, the exact origin and composition of each and every one of our product.
All the saffron entering our stores, as well as the final product destined to our customers, receive a different number for each batch, which should allows for its prompt identification.


From the moment saffron is purchased from the farmer, to the moment it finally reaches the consumer, saffron undergoes numerous hygiene controls.
Our suppliers of raw material and packaging, as well as the tranport companies we work with, have been strictly evaluated on questions of quality and hygiene.
Our staff participate in information and training programmes in this area, being perfectly aware of the importance of hygiene in a working environment.


ANTONIO SOTOS, S.L. has its own laboratory equipped with the latest in modern technology for the development of its own analysis and measurements.

Concerning research, ANTONIO SOTOS, S.L. takes part in several projects together with other private companies and governmental bodies like Castilla la Mancha University. All work together on new cultivation and harvesting techniques development as well as studies about cromatography and the curative properties of saffron for illnesses such as cancer.



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